Governments murder their citizens-in-the-know as cover for their crimes.  New Zealand promotes its murderers to the judiciary, government and beyond.

New Zealander Chris Beeby gets the Shah of Iran out of Iran in the time honoured tradition – wrapped in a persian carpet in the back of the New Zealand legation vehicle.  The Shah is then poisoned with his cancer cure.  Two months later the Shah is deposed, but he’s not even in the country.

Twenty-two years later, Madeleine Albright, wanting to get back into bed with Iran, gives the order to kill Chris Beeby.  Helen Clark and Phil Goff are then briefed and send Chris Beeby on a diplomatic mission to Geneva, but he’s murdered in Paris.  Accessory to murder Phil Goff then provides the cover story: “died of natural causes in Geneva”.

Helen Clark then shined her shoes on Sir Peter Blake’s kudos in the Amazon, opened the New Zealand Embassy in Brazil, then Sir Peter Blake was murdered by the Water Rats using American military signature weapons.  This destroyed the Blakexpeditions environment programme and secured Helen Clark in the anti-environment high-tax murder compliance of world government.

In October 2003, Helen Clark put out a hit on her friend and chief historian Michael King.  No one picked it up.  The Mossad then raised Sian Elias’ hand in exchange for gifting her the new Supreme Court to be run from Israel.  Helen Clark then absolutely rammed the Supreme Court Act through Parliament, and passed it two days later on 15 October 2003 – making Sian Elias the new Chief Justice of the new Supreme Court.

The new Supreme Court was then formed on 1 January 2004 and sat for the first time on 1 July 2004.  Smack bang in the middle of this, Michael King was murdered in unresolved suspicious circumstances.  Michael was burnt alive by the Mossad in order to set the Supreme Court in a piece of history – occult history – burning history’s King.  The Supreme Court is now eternally compromised to Israel and remains deathly secure as an occult mafia.

Helen Clark’s husband was then arrested in San Francisco for child sex abuse. So Helen ran a distraction programme which included kidnapping Olaf Wiig – husband of Helen Clark’s former lover, Anita McNaught – in Gaza, by the ASIO/Blackwater terrorist, UN worker and New Zealander of the Year, David Shearer in exchange for her seat in the Mt Albert electorate when she left three years later to become 3-IC of the UN.  In order to secure this, Phil Goff ran a distraction programme on the undisclosed sexual practices of National MP Richard Worth.

Six months earlier, Helen Clark had herself named ‘Greatest Living New Zealander’.  Churchill got the same treatment.  Both were world government contract killers heavily involved in the occult.

Helen Clark made a series of murder attempts against the author from April 2002 to March 2008, finishing up with a series of threats made in Parliament on 3 June 2008.  A week later the bailiff turned up.  The case was then postponed until the day after Helen Clark left New Zealand to become 3-IC of the UN, with its new mandate to become the World Army and Helen Clark in control of world murders – Georgia Guidestones genocide – hence her proving ground murdering her close friend Michael King in such spectacular fashion.

Paul Holmes provided cover for Helen Clark’s murders, fringe sex and heroin trafficking, then became the posterboy for P . . . but Paul Holmes is one of the country’s biggest drug users.  Meanwhile, all those involved in the murder attempts against architect and author Greg Hallett were promoted to Detective Sergeant, Governor-General, and/or avoided their multiple rape charges and were accepted to the bar as a lawyer . . . only to be investigated later in 2009.

The Mafia boss is named and shamed.  Starting as a car thief, he is promoted to Queens Counsel, but only after taking the profits from the Mr Asia heroin trafficking with his legal compatriots subcontracting the murders.  Criminal triumvirates were then protected by this Queen’s Counsel with 8,000 foreign war criminals living in greater Auckland dictating to the judiciary.

All of this is run in conjunction with ‘Silent Weapons for a Quiet War’ – Operations Research.

Not only was this rotten history planned, it is the modus operandi of world government.

Meanwhile, the Rothschilds leaked out that Helen Clark is the reincarnation of their favourite grandson – Adolf Hitler – hence their reason to give her the new United Nations World Army for murder compliance and mass genocide.

Governments murder their citizens-in-the-know as cover for their crimes.
New Zealand promotes its murderers to the judiciary, government and beyond.



  • Paperback: 550 pages
  • Illustrations: 400 color images
  • Publisher: The World of Truth
  • Language: English
  • Edition: First Edition March 2010
  • ISBN-10: 0473150514
  • ISBN-13: 978-0473150518
  • Product Dimensions: A4, 210 x 297 x 37 mm
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This book was presented as evidence in the HIGH COURT of AUCKLAND. In Courtroom 13, High Court Justice Stevens sealed it at 3.45 pm on Monday 20 April 2009. The contents are sealed to prevent use by reference.
No part of this book is allowed to be read by any member of the judiciary unless they have the written permission of THE NEW ZEALAND POLICE and the Auckland City Council lawyers present, to be heard in front of a High Court judge, and then maybe the Court of Appeal.
However the contents have not been given a secrecy order from the public … so I bring you these clear, substantive and true revelations so that you may revel in your controllers indescretions and have yourself a win … Bon voyage!«

Table of Contents

Schedule of Attachments
N Newspaper Articles
O Blacklisting, Hobbling and Boiler-Plating
P Silent Weapons for a Quiet War
Q Annotated Cabinet
R Helen Clark and Sian Elias Murders
S Key to Murder Attempts
T Mossad Murders in New Zealand
U Who the Blazes is John Howard
V Pru Gee and Mike Lewis Goold
W The Murder of Chris Beeby and the Shah of Iran
X Sir Peter Blakes Murder
Y Murder Attempts on Greg Hallett
Z Physical and Financial Assassinations

Radio Interview

The Real Deal: Sex, Lies and Videotape – America 29 January 2010

Greg Hallett with Dr. Jim Fetzer, PhD

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