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Jesus of the Algarve

Hallett Report No. 5 Greg Hallett is Back!
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Hallett Report No. 5

The Abdication of 'Queen' Elizabeth II - We are NOW in an Interregnum

Hallett Report No. 5 Laws of Succession try to subvert the Legitimate
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Expert: Robert Rowen
They Own it All (Including You)
We have Exposed the Greatest Secret Ever Revealed of Mankind

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America and the World Needs Your Help!

Economic Collapse! Dire Emergency! Depression! It's all over the press, radio and television. Americans are rightly scared. Politicians, Wall Street, and the "central bank" are issuing ultimatums that if the deeds admittedly done by them are not secured by you, the taxpayer, a financial Armageddon will quickly follow. But the truth of what has happened (and its remedy) has been right in front of our eyes for over 75 years.

And sometimes it's impossible to see the forest for the trees. Our inability to see it enabled it to grow into a tree without roots. Sooner or later, it will come crashing down.

If you are like most Americans, you know that something is wrong, desperately wrong with America. Freedoms lost, unwinnable wars, officials arguing over meaningless trash, while the economy literally spirals into a bottomless sinkhole. Our future is in grave peril. Though knowing that there is a possible impending calamity, no one knows where is coming from, the true underlying source and cause, or who/what is behind it. It's far deeper than bad housing loans. It's far deeper than pork barrel politics. And, when you discover the truth, you may ask yourselves how our fathers could have been so blind to the obvious.

The authors believe that this book is the most important book ever written. Each and every person in the world exchanging with other persons through "government" issued currency carries unseen shackles. This book provides evidence beyond reasonable doubt for a jury to determine a singular cause. The cause is a most simple but complete fraud within the monetary system that has put invisible bars around you. Worse, that fraud cannot be fixed simply. That's because the entire system it is based on fraud. The actions now proposed by government and those who created the crisis will propel us even deeper into a fraud that will very likely materially affect you quickly. The fraud has perpetuated the most heinous crimes upon humanity the world has ever known.

This book is written in a most easy to understand grade level. When you read this book, you will understand:

1. how and why almost every aspect of your life is regulated
2. that the wool has been pulled over your eyes by government
3. how and why this regulation grows like a cancer
4. you don't even own the property you thing you own or paid for, no matter the amount. It's nothing more than a hot air balloon ready to pop.
5. the currency and monetary system is based upon a total fraud
6. that has made the whole economy based on the same fraud
7. the demise of the fraudulent economy as we know it cannot be contained
8. the force behind the fraud upon you and the collapse
9. the theft committed by our government upon the wealth and labor of the People
10. that our government has been in bankruptcy since 1933 and is run by an unseen creditor
11. that it matters not who is elected as most officials are oblivious and subservient to who really is in charge
12. that there is a golden remedy and answer. It has been with us since the dawn of man, that can compel honesty in human transaction. It is gold itself, not man made currency, the latter created at will by unseen hands out of thin air.

This book reveals the greatest secret in humanity ever to be revealed. This book provides both the remedy and redemption from the jaws of the financial abyss into which we are plummeting.

For those fighting for health freedom and against draconian regulations interfering with the free exercise thereof, this book will be your answer. For those interested in the rapid erosion of freedom in America, this book will be your answer.

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They Own It All (Including You)
By Means of Toxic Currency

by Ronald MacDonald and Robert Rowen
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They Own It All (Including You)
By Means of Toxic Currency

by Ronald MacDonald and Robert Rowen

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About the Authors: Ron MacDonald, Robert Rowen
Ron MacDonald is a Vietnam veteran who's spent the last 25 years studying law. His key interests are Fundamental Principles and Inherent Rights from which all other law arises. He's watched in dismay as unalienable Rights have been reduced to mere privileges. His overriding interest is for fellow citizens to be free of government tyranny.

Robert Rowen, MD is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Johns Hopkins University and UCSF Medical School. He is devoted to educating readers of his Second Opinion Newsletter on the real causes and remedies of illness (hint, not deficiencies of drugs). In his 26 years in the field, he has watched in dismay while forces of toxic medicine have organized through government to destroy its superior competition, biological healing. His overriding interest is freedom of medical regulatory tyranny. Over 6 years friendship and countless hours discussions, these two interests mutually interacted to uncover the one common denominator related to loss of all our freedoms.
Book Description:
This book proves, in simple easy language, that we are living in a "Matrix". Behind a fraudulent and corrupt "monetary" system lies a hidden creditor. This book proves that this creditor is actually the puppeteer of an insolvent government and hidden master of all American citizens and courts. The creditor has deviously devised a monetary system based on exchange of debt owned and or liened by the creditor. As one may not see one specific tree in the forest, one does not see a hidden mark (lien) on every transaction he makes, until that specific mark is actually pointed out. Then it becomes visible for all time. "They Own It All" proves that we all have become subject to a devious scheme for our daily transactions. The book reveals the common denominator for the economic implosion, loss of unalienable rights, rise of government tyranny, and how the servant (government) became the master, though itself serving a well hidden higher master. By making the invisible (toxic and liened currency) visible the Reader is empowered to remedy a collapsing society with solid steps to create a new order for the People, not the government and its hidden puppeteers.
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They Own It All (Including You!)
is currently available on: icon
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Further Book Content Description:


1. You are legally a debtor and chattel (property) owned by a hidden creditor.

2. There is a hidden lien on everything transacted for by or with a Federal Reserve Note.

3. Your entire alleged wealth is/has been liened, you don't own anything! You merely have possession by privilege. This privilege may be yanked at any time if you don't obey the real owner.

4. The Federal Reserve Note is a foreign product owned by a foreign corporation, and not by you or the U.S. government.

5. The States and the United States courts are bankruptcy courts representing the interests and property of the foreign creditor.

6. Without knowing it, you have been compelled into international commercial law, where you have none of your unalienable

rights. Hence, you have been insulated from your birthright, the common Law from which your rights are immutable.

7. You are charged an income (excise) tax for transacting in the foreign commodity known as Federal Reserve Notes.

8. You have been divested of the rights to, value of, and profits from your labor, which has been stolen.

9. Lawful gold coin (pre 1933) money transactions are invisible to the states and national government(s).

10. The real cause of draconian governmental regulation and your loss of rights is the toxic currency.

11. The United States lost its sovereignty in 1933. It is in receivership to the hidden creditor. The bankrupt government is a puppet to the real master, as declared by Banker Rothschild on the cover.

12. The real cause of the current economic calamity is the toxic currency.

13. The hidden creditor (international bankers) owns everything, including you.

14. You have been living within an illusion, believing that you are free, but in reality you are owned!

With this knowledge comes the singular remedy!

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