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Hallett Report No. 5

Jesus of the Algarve

Hallett Report No. 5 Greg Hallett is Back!
It's time for Great Secrets to be revealed
Hallett Report No. 5

The Abdication of 'Queen' Elizabeth II - We are NOW in an Interregnum

Hallett Report No. 5 Laws of Succession try to subvert the Legitimate
Claim to the Throne
Hallett Report No. 4 The True King of England versus the incumbent
Royal Bâtards
Hallett Report No. 3 The History of the Illegitimate British Monarchy Hallett Report No. 2 Clinton and the Illegitimate British Monarchy Hallett Report No. 1 Mafia, Blackmail & The
New Zealand Government
Hallett Report No. 00

Greg Hallett Begins

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Expert: Anthony J. Hilder
"In politics, nothing happens by accient; if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." Franklin D. Roosevelt

Skull & Bones: The Catholic Connection®

William David Cox, former Seminarian and relentless researcher, has spent the past 30 years uncovering the sinister forces behind the vicious attack upon the Catholic Faith. Discover that Priests, Preachers and Politicians are being used by the Illuminati against Christianity- in the fight for the Satanic New World Order.


911: The Greatest Lie ever Sold

After watching Anthony J. Hilder dissect Bush Gang's "spin story" of 911, you'll discover who the REAL monsters are behind the incredulous NYC attack. Learn of the "Grand Scheme" authored by the Cashist Cartel that controls America 's currency and commerce through the privately owned Federal Reserve...and the American Illuminati. This 9:11 DVD includes more than 2 whopping hours of shocking revelations the only way Hilder knows how to present it, with uncanny genius. Watch exclusive interviews with Lyndon Larouche, Jim Marrs, , Dr. Stanley Monteith, Michael Tsarion, Eric Hufschmid and many more. This DVD is a definite must if you want to get the inside story behind the Bush Illuminati New World Order Agenda. The story contains priceless bits and pieces of the puzzle that make up "THE BIG PICTURE".


In 2005, Anthony hired Spanish and English Linguist and Illuminati Codebreaker and Researcher Alexander Backman to translate and voice over Anthony in the making of the Spanish version of this movie documentary entitled 911: EL GRAN ENGAÑO.

"Working with Anthony on this project surely changed me as I hope it will change everybody else who really wants to see beyond the veil of darkness with which the masses have been doctored to beLIEve; that 911 was an islamic attack upon the very foundation of America which was all the contrary, AN INSIDE JOB. The shocking revelations are all here. It is explosive in itself!" Alexander Backman

illumiNAZI 911
Anthony Hilder - Jordan Maxwell - Ted Gunderson
"The American Dream Never Happened. The American Nightmare is Here."
The Panic Project
Hosted by Anthony J. Hilder

This vital film features exclusive interviews with John Lear (world-class aviator), Norio Hayakawa (world renowned UFO researcher), Bill Uhouse ( Groom Lake engineer), Professor Len Seymour, Michael Brown (filmmaker), Jordan Maxwell (world renowned historian), and a multitude of Panic Project eye-witnesses.

When Orsen Welles aired HG Wells ' "panic play", War Of The Worlds, over network radio in 1939 depicting an invasion of Earth from outer space -- the public panicked.  Some people committed suicide.  In the minds of those mesmerized by "The Show" -- the world had come to an end.  It was only an illusion then.  But now, in the late 90s, as we rush toward Millennium 2000, we are confronted with new evidence that anti-gravitational flying discs have been developed over the past half-century in black projects .  Further still, evidence suggests that "aliens" have been genetically engineered at secret government
" Frankenstein factories."

Does the American Illuminati have any reason to panic the public by "creating" a cataclysmic invasion from outer space?  The Cashists understand that the masses would have to be terrorized through the "staging" of an "event" for them to voluntarily give up their nations, their independence and their freedom to a Global Government that would offer to "protect" the planet from the space invaders (see Kissinger quote on front).  For centuries they have created crisis after crisis to bring about control, as reflected in their motto, " Ordo ab Chao ."

Introduction by Sean David Morton regarding Operation Bluebeam.
Anthony J. Hilder
Alien 51

Anthony J Hilder provides overwhelming evidence, that America 's Illuminati oversees the "Alien Agenda" at Area 51. This once Top-Secret base hidden in the heart of the Nevada 3 million acre Nellis Test Range is home to a host of Hitlerian Horrors spawned by the same Nazi scientists who built our missile program.

Not far from the labyrinth of underground tunnels and Frankenstein Factories where medical experiments have been performed on human beings is Yucca Flats where the First Atomic Bomb was tested. It wasn't long after the test that the Cashist Cartel that controls America 's politics unleashed the "nuclear nightmare" on Japan -after they had offered "conditional" surrender. Their goal was to frighten the world into demanding a Global Government.

Alien 51 validates that the anti-gravitational flying disks seen around the Groom and Papoose Lake facilities are meant to appear as extraterrestrial. Are they? Has an alliance been struck with Alien beings?


On this explosive tape, David Adair, an eminent aerospace scientist, tells of examining an alien propulsion system at Area 51. Dr. Roger Leir describes how he surgically removed Alien implants from 9 abductees. Jordan Maxwell, Paul Tice and Norio Haykawa bear witness to the existence of alien crafts. You won't see this on the nightly network news. This is a must see for all who seek the truth.

666: Mark of the Beast
This dynamic documentary serves as irrefutable evidence that the Warlords of Wall Street & Washington have now devised a way to "inject" every individual on the planet with their "MARK OF THE BEAST".  This diabolical plan is being proposed under the guise of offering "great benefits to mankind", such as doing away with robbery by doing away with cash; secondly, offering a National Health Program that would give doctors and their patients a "permanent medical
record " affixed on an implanted bio-chip in the back of the right hand; thirdly, doing away with illegal drugs by doing away with "illegal cash"; and finally, stopping "illegal employment" by identifying all citizens seeking work.

A Hidden Agenda
Hillary Clinton 's proposed "MANDATORY" vaccination program for all children -- before they could enter government-controlled schools -- could well be the "covert" vehicle used to "justify the injection of the 666 MARK.  Far more sophisticated than Adolf Hitler 's "tattooing" of all Gypsies and Jews, Hillary's proposal, if passed, could nail all citizens with a permanent ID number.  And any "disease" or "drug" they deem necessary to pacify the public to accept a NEW WORLD ORDER.
Hitler wrote the book, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and Hillary and Bill are pushing his program.  The Illuminati plan is to have the Social Security number (9 digits) incorporated with the new 9-digit zip code, giving a 6-6-6 eighteen digit Personal Identification Number to all people so that they could be traced,
tracked and controlled.

Hitlerian Control
Those who "control" the US Space Program have already installed a "GRID SYSTEM" through the NASA satellite program and are now "tracking people and vehicles" from space stations .  Unbeknownst to the average American, the US military is already using "transponders" that are injected into the arms of US military personnel.  As it was in Hitler's Germany, so it will be in Obama's America.

Cashism has replaced Fascism
HL Mencken once said, "One can never underestimate the intelligence of the American people ."  But even those with "limited intellect" can determine that "the system" being developed "for them" is not only Satanic, but would, IF ALLOWED TO BE INSTALLED, create a virtual HELL ON EARTH.

China's Answer to Cancer

Is there a cure for cancer? Is there something out there the American Cancer Cartel is NOT telling us? Or, something the Pharmaceutical Cartel- aka Big Pharma , has no interest in because it's not profitable?

Dr. Bruce Halstead leads the team of highly trained medical professionals to China to investigate the hard evidence surrounding the exotic Elixir from Manchuria called Tien Hsien . Rumor has it that the Elixir cured cancer .


Millenium 2000
The "demonic design" of the US capitol, set in stone was laid out by Master Masons in the shape of the ILLUMINATI (Luciferian) PYRAMID. The same Evilarchy placed their Satanic "SYMBOL OF SLAVERY" upon the privately owned Federal Reserve Notes -- which is a debt bearing currency.  These fiat "funny money" notes have replaced the US dollar and placed all Americans under a ruthless economic tyranny which uses the IRS as its collection agency.

Early on these WARLOCKS OF WASHINGTON plotted to place their Satanic Symbols into the foundations of our society and gain control over America's banking system. General Albert Pike, who wrote the Masonic Bible  "Morals and Dogma," was instrumental in forming the Ku Klux Klan.


The American public knows next to nothing about "those" shadowy Faustian figures who run and have ruined this Naziized nation from corporate board- rooms of the major Banking Institutions. The public watches C-Span nightly by the millions and doesn't notice the six foot fasci staring them in the face on each side of the American flag behind the speaker's podium of the House of Representatives. One need only research the financing of the Communist, Nazi and Fascist parties to quickly conclude that the same Cashist Cartel that controls us financed them.

America today has essentially a ONE PARTY SYSTEM run by and for the benefit and pleasure of the International Banksters, who are sucking away the very substance of this once great nation. Their goal is a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT upon the ashes of American sovereignty. Adolf Hitler wrote "THE NEW WORLD ORDER." What's more frightening is that the political pimps and  parasites along the Potomic who are doing the banker's bidding are attempting to install it upon the wreckage of America.

The goals of these globalists are openly discussed by Jordan Maxwell, Terry Cook and Ray Yunger in this hammer hitting two hour video. This talented troika take on the "truth twisters" who "massage and manipulate" the minds of millions nightly on the nation's network news. Together they put the pieces of this giant jigsaw puzzle together so that all who watch MILLENNIUM 2000 can see THE BIG PICTURE.   Anthony J. Hilder


Lucifer 2000, Anthony J. Hilder & Jordan Maxwell's first film, is an "overview" of the American Illuminati's plan to bring this planet under the dictates of gargantuan Global Government by the turn of the century.    Anthony J. Hilder, who produced the first recorded history of the Illuminati in 1967 (narrated by Myron C. Fagan), joins the eminent occult researcher, Jordan Maxwell , in this exposé of the Evilarchy that now runs Corporate America .

Maxwell, who is featured with Hilder on Ancient Mysteries of the World (CBS), strips away the "Masonic Mask" that hides the Satanic Symbols that cryptically cover America capital -- from the Washington Monument to the fasci that border the American flag in the House of Representatives .    Together thay pinpoint the political pimps and prostitutes along the Potomac who have raped, robbed and ravaged this republic since its inception.

Lucifer 2000 gives the viewer an "IMMEDIATE UNDERSTANDING" of the Illuminati's "Orwellian objectives" in this 1-hour implosive exposé. It presents the "BIG POLITICAL PICTURE" in America today.  This vital video hits with punch, power and pizzazz, and has been described as "a tremendous tool in the war to topple America 's faustian financial fraternity."

Hilder and Maxwell reveal the ancient religious order behind the International Banking Cartel that guides "their group" toward a NEW WORLD ORDER . Together they expose the fact that America essentially operates under a One Party System.   The proof of which was evidenced in the passage of the NAFTA ( North American Free Trade Agreement ) when "sellouts" from both the Democratic and Republican parties joined President Clinton and his BILLIONAIRE BACKERS to "foreclose" on the fortunes of American families , farms and factories.  This oligarchy of evil remains in positions of control regardless of which political party is "reputed" to be in power.

Hilder and Maxwell document that "key operatives" from the Council on Foreign Relations , the Trilateral Commission , the privately owned Federal Reserve and the Skull & Bones (Faustian Fraternity) do, in fact, direct "the show" that mesmerizes millions by way of the nightly "Novacaine News".  Their "political play" is then "reviewed and sanitized" for the American public through "their" well-orchestrated "Managed Media"... to control the mindset of America .


None Dare Call It Murder

There has been an inordinate number of deaths under very suspicious circumstances -- surrounding the man who once occupied the "Oral Office" of the White House .  In fact, more people have fallen victim to this " sudden death syndrome " surrounding Bill Clinton than through the combined serial killings of the Boston Strangler , Jeffrey Dahmer , The Son of Sam , Charles Manson , and Jack the Ripper ... yet None Dare Call It Murder .

Attorneys who knew too much, associates who heard too much, informants, investigators and former pals of the President from Vince Foster to Ron Brown who have spoken too much have met sudden, brutal and violent deaths.

This long and ever growing list of victims which includes two teenage boys named Henry and Ives who "had seen too much" of a drug operation near the airport at Mena, Arkansas and were routinely executed before being placed side-by-side on a railroad track in front of an on-coming freight train.

The plethora of killings which resulted from stab wounds in the back, clubbings in the face, gunshots in the face and chest, poisonings, drownings, explosions, plane crashes , microwave weaponry, and freak accidents have come under "extremely suspicious circumstances ".  Their deaths have been listed as accidental or suicides by cooperating government authorities close to Clinton... but None Dare Call It Murder .

The unanswered questions surrounding these killings will haunt this nation until the killers who orchestrated these crimes are brought to trial.  Is there some sort of unwritten code or diplomatic immunity granted when one becomes the governor of a state or head of a nation? Are Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings above the law, or should they be allowed to use the law and the police to protect themselves from the consequences of the crimes they commit?

None Dare Call It Murder validates your darkest suspicions about the former President and his First Lady , and asks the question, "Would justice be best served if Bill Clinton served out a term in The Big House?"

New World Order
As we rush towards Millennium 2000 the fanatical forces of financial fascism are fast at work in their attempt to bring about a global government -- through the United Nations .  The Cashist Cartel that controls america's commerce and currency intends to kill, control or incarcerate all opposition to their oligarchy of evil by the turn of the century.   Their goal is a New World Order .   Our goal is a free world.

Knowing that those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it -- the Eastern Evilarchy has dedicated itself to keeping our people deaf, dumd and ignorant to the imperative life and death issues of the day.  It is both obvious and in evidence that more Federally engineered atrocities like the Oklahoma bombing are on the way -- they've scheduled a massive stock market crash to cripple us financially -- and a series of white/black racial confrontations to justify FEMA and UN intervention -- all of which is intended to psychologically "set-up" martial law and foreign intervention.  The stench of death and treason fills the air.

The Honorable George V. Hansen, 7-term Congressman from Idaho, has teamed up with radio and tv talk show host, Anthony J. Hilder, to give the viewers a "whiff" of what's behind America's massive betrayal... and it stinks to hign heaven.  As a Congressman, Hansen gave America taxpayers their "Bill of Rights".  It was Hansen who led the fight in Congress to save the American canal in Panama.  It was George Hansen who had the guts and gumption to go to Iran to free the Americans held hostage.  Hansen has been one of the fiercest fighters for freedom in American history.  For his perseverence in protecting the people's rights, he has been persecuted and prosecuted by the Evilarchy's
agencies resulting in four years of torture and imprisonment.

In The New World Odor Hansen and Hilder document the "devastation by design" which has befallen America over the past half century.  Their "foresight" as to what the future holds is based upon their very accurate historical hindsight -- as to the way things really were -- not as we were led to believe.  Hansen and Hilder play hardball. They're both heavy hitters and have hit a home run with bases loaded with The New World Odor.  It's a stinking good video that needs immediate and massive exposure.
Oklahoma Atrocity
There is no way you can watch Jane Graham's testimony here and draw the conclusion that Federal agents weren't involved in blowing up the Fed's building in Oklahoma City and covering their crime.   Did Clinton's terrorist team mass-murder 168 innocents to pass the anti-Bill Of Rights bill -- which gave massive powers to the President and police?

The body count around this " crime of the century " is still rising as key witnesses, like Terry Yeakey, are "eliminated" before they can identify the state-sponsored terrorists.

Is Timothy McVeigh a Manchurian candidate "programmed" to kill on command and then quietly accept his fate?   Has a "control" transponder been implanted in his body as he's claimed?   What about the dozens of news broadcasts that initially reported the discovery of several un-exploded bombs in the building?
Hear Jane Graham, Head of the HUD Employees Union, saying she encountered three suspicious-looking men in the parking structure the Friday before the explosion, who had plans to the building, and what looked like plastic explosives ?  Hear Jane tell of the "TWO BOMBS" that went off.   See the yellow Ryder truck hidden in the government compound at Fort Gruber in eastern Oklahoma before the explosion.

If the criminals who are responsible for this atrocity are not brought to trial, we are convinced that provocateurs of the Eastern Evilarchy will soon strike again.
Reichstag '95: An American Holocaust

"In politics, nothing happens by accient; if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." Franklin D. Roosevelt

The comparison between Nazi Germany in the mid 30s under Adolf Hitler and America in the mid 90s under Bill Clinton is frightening.  Hitler gained control over Germany after his agents set the Reichstag (German congress) on fire.  Hitler was successful in blaming his opposition as the culprits.   Clinton is attempting to accomplish the same thing with the Oklahoma bombing.   Hitler and Clinton both sought police state power .  Hitler got it.  But will Clinton get it? All conservatives, Christian, Black Muslims, legitimate liberals and patriots are being targeted as potential terrorists.  In short, all opposition to Clinton and the Cashist Cartel is under the gun of the Money Mafia's 'managed media'.

Ted Gunderson , former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis, discloses his insight into who's really behind the Oklahoma bombing.  His conclusions, based on 27 years with the bureau, will shock you! Could the explosions have been set by "agents" of the International Cashist Cartel that seeks to abolish the American Constitution and establish a New World Order ?  Is Timothy McVeigh another Lee Harvey Oswald ?   Was he programmed under the CIA's Project Monarch "mind control program" to infiltrate patriotic organizations in order to label them as terrorists?

Bill Cooper , Constitution Party Chairman and author of Behold A Pale Horse, adds strong commentary supporting the two bomb scenario. Cooper's special insight and military expertise is included, along with comments and questions from skeptical Americans who think the Cashist Cartel concocted fertilizer bomb story is liberally laced with lies... and has a special political agenda.
Andre Michael Eggelletion
Thieves in the Temple: America under the Federal reserve System

André Michael Eggelletion is the first Black man in American history to pen a major work on the privately owned Federal Reserve-once the exclusive domain of "old white men". He offers all the economic essentials necessary for wading through the mis.information on how capitalism appears to work. Plus, AJ Hilder's exposé of Bush's "9-11 Lies."



America is on the brink of RACE RIOTS & REVOLUTION. The intent of the Cashist Cartel which has "engineered" the upcoming currency crash and race riots will attempt to establish a cashless controlled socialist society by Millennium 2000. Order out of chaos.

The Evilarchy that controls both houses of Congress through their political pimps and prostitutes along the Potomac, have passed "Leftislation" transferring more powers to the President and to the police than was given to Adolf Hitler before "his agents" burned down the Reichstag in 1933.  A half-dozen alphabet agencies, like the ATF, CIA, FBI and the fascistic FEMA are on red alert -- waiting for the reoccurence of race riots and the imposition of Martial Law . From LA, Detroit, Chicago and Miami, the inner cities are ready to implode into tornados of terrorism.

Every day incidents erupt in our streets.  Anyone if inflamed by the money monopoly's "managed media" or agent provacateurs could ignite a black/white race war to give Clinton and his comrades the justification to launch a full-scale military assault on the citizenry of the United States.  This is "the plan" of the Faustian Financial Fraternity who consider Blacks and Browns to be "useless eaters." Once incarcerated in "privatized prisons" they could be used as slave labor to compete with Red China's Lao Gai "death factories."

Sound like madness?  Absolutely!  The Manhattan Money Mob has been underwriting "Hate Whitey" message movies for over forty years.  They have burned bigotry into the brains of blacks, with a branding iron to the brain -- through films like Burn, Mandingo, Amistad and Roots. White sponsored black bigotry is a raw and ruthless reality.

Many who watch Kill the White Man made notice the "stricking similarity" of anger & attitude amongst the congregation in the church where Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad and I debated in South Central Los Angeles -- and that of Dr. Jeremiah Wright's church in Illinois where Sen. Barack Hussein Obama & his wife, Michele, attended for 20 years. Sen. Obama's pretense that he was totally unaware of Dr. Wright's "militant mindset" until THE BLACK RACIST ISSUE was raised during his compaign for the presidency is a shameful denial of reality.  Racism is acceptable.  It's freedom of choice, but Obama's turning his back -- on his own pastor & church to further his career shows Barack's lack of commitment, character & courage.  Khalid had all three.
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