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Jesus of the Algarve

Hallett Report No. 5 Greg Hallett is Back!
It's time for Great Secrets to be revealed
Hallett Report No. 5

The Abdication of 'Queen' Elizabeth II - We are NOW in an Interregnum

Hallett Report No. 5 Laws of Succession try to subvert the Legitimate
Claim to the Throne
Hallett Report No. 4 The True King of England versus the incumbent
Royal Bâtards
Hallett Report No. 3 The History of the Illegitimate British Monarchy Hallett Report No. 2 Clinton and the Illegitimate British Monarchy Hallett Report No. 1 Mafia, Blackmail & The
New Zealand Government
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Obama, Cloning and the Coming Space War
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Obama Cloning and the Coming Space War

Who is this man we call the President? What's hidden within his name and his statements? Is he the coming Anti-Christ predicted by Nostradamus? Are we witnessing the rise of the Fourth Reich? Or are things much stranger than we thought?

Obama, Cloning and the Coming Space War

Mit Deutschen Untertiteln

Präsident Obama lockerte die Restriktionen auf Stem Cell Forschung und öffnete die Tür zum Cloning von Menschen. Er selbst sagt, dass es "gefährlich ist, falsch und keinen Platz in unserer Gesellschaft hat".

Aber menschliches genetisches Material, wurde im Grossen und Ganzen unbeschadet, aus einer ägyptischen Mummie extrahiert und in einem Labor gewachsen. Barack wurde als der "Neue Tutankhamon of The World" geprisen. Wie nah ist dies an der Wahrheit?
Willkommen auf der Erde von der Freeman Perspective
Transcript for Obama's Space War from the Freeman Perspective
Obama, Cloning & The Coming Space War
by Freeman
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Barackhenaten and Renassaince Tiye
Barackhenaten & Renaissance Tiye with Radiance & Rosebud
"We will develop strict guidelines (for stem cell research), which we will rigorously enforce, because we cannot ever tolerate misuse or abuse," Mr. Obama said. "And we will ensure that our government never opens the door to the use of cloning for human reproduction. It is dangerous, profoundly wrong, and has no place in our society, or any society."
Full text of Obama's speech on Stem Cell Research March 9th 2009

President Barack Obama looks amazingly like Akhenaten the father of monotheism. Michelle Obama looks amazingly like Akhenaten's mother, Queen Tiye. Akhenaten had two daughters by Nefertiti They look amazingly like Malia and Sasha. The code names of Renegade, Renaissance, Radiance and Rosebud correlate well with the ancient depiction of the Royal Family.

Are the First Family clones?
"Human genetic material, largely undamaged after 2,400 years, has been extracted from an Egyptian mummy and has been grown in the laboratory. One 2,400-yr-old mummy of a child was found to contain DNA that could be molecularly cloned in a plasmid vector. These analyses show that substantial pieces of mummy DNA can be cloned and that the DNA fragments seem to contain little or no modifications introduced postmortem."
New York Times
April 16, 1985

I have been showing off my art work of Barack Obama as Akhenaten to see what people think. Admittedly, most of my friends already see the world differently than your average citizen. Let's just say they already come with a conspiracy bent. My hope is to instill wonder in our world and to say that things just might be a little stranger than you thought.
I would show my friends this picture and say, "What do you think?" Without any other comment.
They would say, "Well, he does look a lot like Akhenaten."
My jaw would dangle just a bit.
I say, "OK, I understand that you do not know that this woman next to Barackhenaten is Akhenaten's mother, Queen Tiye."
"That's really her face?" They ask.
I say, "I have done nothing to alter their faces. I simply found a photo that was facing the right direction and their mouth was closed. I cut the face in half and super-imposed it on the ancient busts."
"That is amazing!"
"It gets even stranger." I say, "I found that two of the six daughters of Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti became Queens themselves...
I wait for it.
"They do look like Akhenaten's children!"
"Notice in this ancient frieze of Akhenaten and Nefertiti with their two girls, what is the other most prominent features of this picture?" I ask.
The New York Times
Genetic Material extracted from an ancient Egyptian Mummy
New York Times: HUMAN genetic material, largely undamaged after 2,400 years, has been extracted from an Egyptian mummy and has been grown in the laboratory. The achievement is the most dramatic of a series of recent accomplishments using molecular biology to study links between modern and ancient life.

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Freeman joins Theo Chalmers on Edge Media TV in the UK to discuss occult programing of the Obama Administration, WWIII in the making, and a surprise twist at the end that will make you question just how far technology has come. This is 2 hours of must see TV!
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Here they experiment with growing
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Human sperm created from stem cells in world first, claims British University



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