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From the Book The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
The Rothschild
Horror Picture Show
The Synagogue of Satan
"Let me control a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws« Meyer Amschel Rothschild
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The Rothschild Horror Picture Show - Part 1
English - Deutsch
The following presentation will explain how the world wide financial system works, how it came about and how it is being used by a rulership of interrelated bloodlines to lead wars against humanity since 200 years
Part 1: Watch the Film
The most wealthy bloodline in the world, bar none, and the leader of the Ashkenazi Jews in the world today , is the Rothschilds family.
As you will see in the timeline, the Rothschilds have obtained this position through lies manipulation and murder.
Their bloodlines extends into the Royal Families of Europe, and the following family names: Astor; Budy; Collins; duPont; Freeman; Kennedy; Morgan; Oppenheimer; Rockefeller; Sassoon; Schiff; Taft; and Van Duyn.
Furthermore the Rothschilds are known to sire many children secretly that they can put into positions of power when required.
This started with the very first man who took the name Rothschild, who had a secret sixth son.
Finally, remember the world is a diverse place, I could if I wanted change my name to Rothschild, or any of the names listed above, and that would not make me part of this family anymore than converting to Judaism in 740 A.D. will make these Ashkenazis Jewish.
1743: Mayer Amschel Bauer is born in Frankfurt, Germany, the son of Moses Amschel Bauer, a money lender and the proprietor of a counting house
During this decade
Mayer Amschel Bauer works for a bank owned by the Oppenheimers' in Hanover, Germany.

He is highly successfull and becomes a junior partner.
Whilst working at the bank he becomes acquainted with Gerneral von Estorff.
Following his father's death,
Bauer returns to Frankfurt to take over his fathers business.

Bauer recognizes the significance of the red hexagramm and changes his name from Bauer to Rothschild,
after the red hexagramm or sign signifiying 666 hanging over the entrance door.
"Rot" is German for"Red"
and "Schild" is German for "Sign".
The name can also be interpreted as
Roths' Child.
Moses Amschel Bauer places a
red sign above the entrance door to his counting house.

This sign is a red hexagramm
(which geometrically and numerically translates into the number 666)
which under Rothschild instruction
will end up on the Israeli flag some two centuries later

Now Mayer Amschel Rothschild,
he discovers that General von Estorff
is now attached to the court of
Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau,
one of the richest royal houses in Europe, which gained its' wealth by the hiring out of Hessian soldiers to foreign countries for vast profits.

This is a practice that continues today in the form of exporting, "peacekeeping" troops throughout the world.

He therefore makes the General's
re-acquaintaince on the pretext of selling him valuable coins and trinkets at discounted prices.

As he plans, Rothschild is subsequently introduced to Prince William himself,
who is more than pleased with the
discounted prices he charges for his rare coins and trinkets,
and Rothschild offers him a bonus for any other business the Prince can direct his way.
Rothschild subsequently becomes close associates with Prince William,
and ends up doing business with him and members of the court.

He soon discovers that loaning money to governments and royalty is more profitable than loaning to individuals, as the loans are bigger and are secured by the nation's taxes.
1769: Mayer Amschel Rothschild
is given permission by Prince William
to hang a sign on the front of his
business premises declaring the he is

"M. A. Rothschild,
by appointment court factor
to his serene highness,
Prince William of Hanau."

1770: Mayer Amschel Rothschild draws up plans for the creation of the
Illuminati and entrusts Ashkenazi Jew, Adam Weishaupt, a Crypto-Jew who was outwardly Roman Catholic,
with its organization and development.

The Illuminati is to be based upon the teaching of the Talmud, which is in turn, the teachings of Rabbinical Jews.
It was to be called the Illuminati,
as this is a Luciferian term
which means "keepers of the light".

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