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Hallett Report No. 5

The Abdication of 'Queen' Elizabeth II - We are NOW in an Interregnum

Hallett Report No. 5 Laws of Succession try to subvert the Legitimate
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  Chemtrails: UK Government admits deadly spraying
Uk government has admitted to spraying British public with deadly toxins. Link to Guardian article,9174,688098,00.html

Link to Film
Chemtrails Films
Chemtrails - Film
2012 - Kosmisches Licht und Chemtrail Dokumente
Film von Klaus Jaeger
und hier
Lichträuber und Luftvergifter im Namen des Klimaschutzes
Chemtrails - Stop Spraying Us

Neues Video über Chentrails und das vermehrte Auftren von schweren
Erkrankungen im Zusammenhang mit Sprayaktionen.
Wir beobachten eine Umwelttragödie von unsagbarem Ausmaß!!!!
Winion - Chemtrails and HAARP
Eingedeutsche Dokus zu den Themen Chemtrails und Wettermanipulation
Kostenloser Download
- Film "Aerosol Crimes" von Clifford E. Carnicom deutsch
- The Freeman Perspective (Zauberei in der Regierung)

Collection of Infos about Chemtrails
What Chemtrails Really Are
Chemtrails - Secret TV -
Klimakollaps durch Wettermanipulation - Wußten Sie schon, daß der Himmel über unseren Köpfen nachweislich seit Frühjahr 2003 mit einer Mischung aus Bariumsalzen und Aluminiumpulver besprüht wird, um das Wetter zu manipulieren? In den europäischen Medien herrscht weitgehend Zensur und Behörden bewahren darüber Stillschweigen. Eine Sendung des Live Net Concept 2010 e.V. vom Februar 2005 im O.K.-TV Bremen mit Jo Conrad, Werner Altnickel und Uwe Behnken will hier aufklären.
Chemtrails durch Sprühflugzeuge
Krankheiten und Gefahren durch wolkenbildende Kondensstreifen?
Folgen des Lichtraubes, der UV-Reduktion und Lichtfrequenzverfälschung durch Triebswerksabgase und / oder Chemtrails

Dokumentarfilme, Bücher, Behörden, HAARP, Morgellons, Fluggesellschaften, Forum, Bilder etc.

Investigate Persistent Contrails AKA Chemtrails

Please use the link below to sign the petition to request an immediate, thorough, and honest investigation into what the substances called "chemtrails" actually consist of and to discover the true purpose of spraying:

Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth

For a slightly better YouTube version in stereo, use this link:

Here's the LiveVideo version:

If you'd like to upload this vid to your channel, please download the high quality version using this link:
This 5-minute video serves only as an introduction to the phenomenon of chemtrails. I encourage you to research this subject in more detail to gain a fuller picture of what chemtrails contain, their impact on the environment, and the history of aerial spraying that has taken place in many countries. Here are some good places to start your research:

Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth
This video provides a surreal but factual summary of the chemtrail phenomenon and the effect that chemtrails are having on the environment.
It is important to distinguish between contrails and chemtrails. Contrails are streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by jet airplanes at high altitudes. Contrails can exist in two forms: water droplet and ice crystal. Contrails typically become visible about a wingspans distance behind an aircraft flying at high altitude. The trail dissipates quite quickly, usually within a minute or so. Chemtrails, on the other hand, are visible directly behind an aircraft, with little or no gap between the aircraft and the start of the trail. Chemtrails are said to vary from contrails in their length of persistence. Chemtrails do not dissipate quickly; they tend to form into mushy clouds which can block sunlight.
Some people are reporting what they describe to be unusual activity in the sky, including jets leaving trails at low altitudes, spray lines creating X's, S's and parallel lines, lines that slowly spread to create a canopy of haze, and reports of unusual smells, tastes, and even illness related to the trails.
Also, a reddish-brown gel, dropped from low-flying aircraft, has been observed by people in the past and was even documented on Unsolved Mysteries. Samples of this substance have been alledgedly analyzed by Margareta-Erminia Cassani and found to be teaming with biological organisms. Other tests have shown that chemtrails contain more than 3 times the legal level of the toxic substance, barium. Chemtrails may also be one of the primary contributory factors in the collapse of honey bee colonies worldwide. Albert Einstein clearly knew the importance of the honey bee when he said: "If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live."
There are currently three main hypothesis for the purpose of chemical spraying in the skies: weather modification, population control, and testing of biological agents on the general poplace.

Even if we assume that these trails have nothing to do with eugenics or weather modification, we cannot ignore the fact that our skies are being heavily polluted with aviation fuel emissions that contribute towards a host of different health problems. As far as Im aware, jet engines run on kerosene (paraffin). Up until the 1990s, most petrol-driven road vehicles used leaded petrol, which was not only harmful to the environment, but caused asthma as well as lowering of the IQ. The tetra-ethyl (lead) found in aviation fuel and its combustion products are potent neurotoxins that have been shown in scientific research to interfere with brain development in children. Leaded petrol has now been banned for use in motor vehicles. But for some reason, this law doesnt seem to apply to aircraft.


The only way we can have any hope of getting to the bottom of this, and to stop our skies from being polluted, is to raise awareness of this subject. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible. Please remember to rate, comment and share this video.
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Ten (10) Does not exist: The Biggest Banker Trick of All Times

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