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Hallett Report No. 5

Jesus of the Algarve

Hallett Report No. 5 Greg Hallett is Back!
It's time for Great Secrets to be revealed
Hallett Report No. 5

The Abdication of 'Queen' Elizabeth II - We are NOW in an Interregnum

Hallett Report No. 5 Laws of Succession try to subvert the Legitimate
Claim to the Throne
Hallett Report No. 4 The True King of England versus the incumbent
Royal Bâtards
Hallett Report No. 3 The History of the Illegitimate British Monarchy Hallett Report No. 2 Clinton and the Illegitimate British Monarchy Hallett Report No. 1 Mafia, Blackmail & The
New Zealand Government
Hallett Report No. 00

Greg Hallett Begins

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Beyond the Conpiracy: The Comittee of 300
by Dr. John Coleman
"Side by side with the international politics of each State, there exists certain obscure organizations.The men who take part in these councils are not professional politicians or brilliantly dressed ambassadors, but certain unknown men, high financiers, who are superior to the vain ephemeral politicians who imagine that they govern the world." Such a group were the men of the English East India Company, whose antecedents sprang from the Catharis, the Bogomils, and the Albigensians who had originated from Manichean Babylon, and who went on to become the controllers of not only England, but of the whole world.
Brotherhood of Darkness, Dr. Stanley Monteith
The story in this video is incredible but true. It is about secret societies, how they have directed the course of civilization, and how they influence your life today.

Website of Dr. Stanley Monteith:
Hollywood Unmasked
The untold story of how Hollywood affects our world socially and spiritually using the seductive vice of violence.
50min. $19.95
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