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Hallett Report No. 5

Jesus of the Algarve

Hallett Report No. 5 Greg Hallett is Back!
It's time for Great Secrets to be revealed
Hallett Report No. 5

The Abdication of 'Queen' Elizabeth II - We are NOW in an Interregnum

Hallett Report No. 5 Laws of Succession try to subvert the Legitimate
Claim to the Throne
Hallett Report No. 4 The True King of England versus the incumbent
Royal Bâtards
Hallett Report No. 3 The History of the Illegitimate British Monarchy Hallett Report No. 2 Clinton and the Illegitimate British Monarchy Hallett Report No. 1 Mafia, Blackmail & The
New Zealand Government
Hallett Report No. 00

Greg Hallett Begins

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Brotherhood of Death
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Obama Special
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Intro New World Order - NWO - What it is, how it came about, what you can do

We urge you to view these video documentaries in the order displayed so that you may better comprehend the information being presented. Each video expounds upon and supports the information presented in previous documentaries. In addition to this series of 20 videos, you will find a greater library available on the Expanded Video List at the link below.

Overview of America
Great for viewing in all venues, this video gives you a big-picture vision of why we enjoy so much personal freedom and prosperity in America. It explains in a simple fashion the different systems of government throughout the world and the different economic principles underlying each type of government-illuminating the great virtues of our unique nation. Public Serice Edition. (29 min., 2007)
America - Freedom to Facism
Fiat Empire
Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution
59 min.
The Money Masters
How International bankers gained control of America
Washington You're Fired
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